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Swift Source Code Store

Back at we have opened up a Swift Source Code Store. There you can save big on your development time by using the same source code that we use in our projects. But the prime mission of that code is to provide you with examples on how things can be done.

Currently on offer:

SwifterSockets (free)

A collection of utilities to facilitate Unix socket programming.

SwifterJSON (free)

Two one class frameworks for processing (parse & write) JSON formats.

SwifterLog (free)

Write log entries to the ASL, files and/or the console. Supports 8 levels of log entries.

SecurityScopedBookmarks ($2)

Persist file access rights for OS-X applications between sessions.

StreamingFileReader ($2)

Decouple your file processing from the GUI activities by using this streaming file reader example.


  1. I have been reading your posts on socket programming in swift. So far I understand the parts but I still don't see the big picture. How do the individual functions you describe work together? They seem to have shared variables but those also appear incapsulated in functions.

  2. Hello Deanne,

    It is difficult to answer such a general question. However I am working on a set of utilities for socket programming that will be accompanied bij some example code. I trust that these would answer most remaining questions. While I cannot make any promises, I do hope that I will be able to post the first of these sometime next week.