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Port Spy

While working on Swiftfire I had the need to see which data actually arrives at a port and which data is actually sent.

Thus I wrote a little utility called Port Spy.

Port Spy is an in-between utility: it listens on one port and connections to a server on the other. All traffic received on the first port is send to the second port and vice versa. Aside from a little delay, there is no interference with the data itself.
This allows Port Spy to display the data in a view, and -if necessary- to write it to file.

Port Spy uses low level socket-io operations and is written completely in Swift.

Obviously Port Spy is primarily useful for developers, thus Port Spy includes its own source code. If you are in need of some example code for socket based IO in Swift, then you can purchase this utility and export the source code (a complete zipped Xcode project actually) from the File menu.

If you have thought about supporting this blog, then you can now do so while getting a nice utility in return!

Oh, a screenshot:

Happy coding...

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