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Swift extensions: OptionSetType factory

In Swift 2.0 Apple has introduced the OptionSetType, this basic type is used for options parameters into the Cocoa API's. As an example I will use NSDirectoryEnumerationOptions

Unfortunately I have not been able to discover (so far) a nice way to assemble such options.
I thus end up coding this as:

let dirScanOptions = NSDirectoryEnumerationOptions(rawValue :
   NSDirectoryEnumerationOptions.SkipsHiddenFiles.rawValue |
   NSDirectoryEnumerationOptions.SkipsPackageDescendants.rawValue |

That works, but is more verbose than necessary imo.

I thus wrote a little extension that gives me a factory method to create these kind of values as follows:

let dirScanOptions = NSDirectoryEnumerationOptions.withOptions(.SkipsHiddenFiles, .SkipsPackageDescendants, .SkipsSubdirectoryDescendants)

The extension itself is simple enough:

extension OptionSetType where RawValue : BitwiseOperationsType {
    static func withOptions(items: Self...) -> Self {
        var result = items[0]
        for item in items {
            result = Self(rawValue: (result.rawValue | item.rawValue))
        return result


Since the actual 'or'-ing is rather fast, I have skipped the effort of starting at the second item. Or-ing the first item with itself will not change the result and could be even faster than excluding the first item from the loop.

Happy coding...

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  1. let dirScanOptions: NSDirectoryEnumerationOptions = [.SkipsHiddenFiles, .SkipsPackageDescendants, .SkipsSubdirectoryDescendants]