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OT: Jekyll, a blog aware static site builder.

This post is off-topic.

During the last Xmas season I lost some of my self-hosted Wordpress websites for the second time.  A year before the same thing happened. I do not know what the cause was, I am unable to find a pattern. However I do know that this won't happen again. I quit using Wordpress and went for Jekyll, a static website builder that creates the necessary pages before the user wants them. The result is a much faster website, though at some cost with respect to functionality. That I have to reproduce myself using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Kramdown, YAML and Liquid.

Now that looks like a lot of work, and to some extent it is. However the level of control you get in return is amazing.

Anyhow, it is OT for this blog. But it is the reason things went a bit quiet around here. If you are looking for a different content building system for your sites, give Jekyll a try. I am blogging about my experiences here:

Happy coding...

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