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A Q&D error display for the key window

During development it is convenient to have a simple error display routine that shows whatever text you throw into it in the frontmost (key) window.

There is an easy way to accomplish this, just add a global function (for example in the AppDelegate file):

func showErrorInKeyWindow(_ message: String) {
    if let window = NSApp.keyWindow {
        DispatchQueue.main.async {
            let alert = NSAlert()
            alert.messageText = "Error"
            alert.informativeText = message
            alert.addButton(withTitle: "Dismiss")
            alert.beginSheetModal(for: window, completionHandler: nil)
    else {
        log.atLevelError(id: -1, source: #file.source(#function, #line), message: "Could not send error message '\(message)' to key window")


Of course you can replace the error logging with a simple "print" statement as long as you are working in Xcode. Otherwise you could use the SwifterLog logging project (free from github, see link at right side)

Now anywhere in your code where you need to flash an error, just call "showErrorInKeyWindow(message)"

(But beware for repeating error's ;-))

Note: Do not use this in shipping code. Yes, you could, but you really should have a something better in place.

Happy coding...

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