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ASL: Apple System Log Facility, part 2

I have written before about the ASL (Apple System Log Facility). At that time it was just about the Swift interface for the ASL, which as of xcode 6.3 beta 3 is still missing from the foundation.

This time I will take a short look at the log levels of ASL.

It turns out that just writing something to the ASL does not guarantee that the information will actually be stored. This was of course clear from the fact that each message is written at a certain log level, and it should be obvious that we can control the level below which information is actually stored.

When developing in xcode, the messages send to ASL will appear in the console window. Since I do write a lot of messages at level "Debug" I am quite used to seeing this info. Besides, I could be sure that I did indeed write these messages to the ASL.

When using my app outside of Xcode though, I did not see my "Debug" level messages (nor did I see the "Info" level messages).

I assumed that it would be possible to control the level of detail in the ASL from somewhere else. And indeed when reading the "man asl" pages I found that the information that is written to the ASL is controlled from no less than 4 places!

5 Actually if I include my own mechanism for controlling the log messages...

The first level is within the source code itself. We can specify using:

asl_set_filter(nil, filter_bit_pattern)

which levels should be recorded. By default the

asl_add_log_file(nil, STDERR_FILENO)

records all information up to and including the debug level. So that is not where my messages were blocked.

Next up is the 'master' filter. This master filter can be set using the "syslog" command in a terminal window. By using the option "-c 0" it shows if the master filter is in use and at which level it is set. Typing this into a terminal yielded:

MacPro:~ user$ syslog -c 0
Master filter mask: Off

That filter is off, so it is onto the next filter. From the man pages I learned there is also a process level filter. It uses the same syslog command. In a terminal it showed:

MacPro:~ user$ syslog -c 1726
Process 1726 syslog filter mask: Off

(Note: 1726 was the process number of my application, yours will be different!)
So that was not the culprit either. There was now one place left: the /etc/asl.conf file. Looking into this file showed:

MacPro:~ user$ more /etc/asl.conf
# configuration file for syslogd and aslmanager

# authpriv messages are root/admin readable
? [= Facility authpriv] access 0 80

# remoteauth critical, alert, and emergency messages are root/admin readable
? [= Facility remoteauth] [<= Level critical] access 0 80

# broadcast emergency messages
? [= Level emergency] broadcast

# save kernel [PID 0] and launchd [PID 1] messages
? [<= PID 1] store

# ignore "internal" facility
? [= Facility internal] ignore

# save everything from emergency to notice
? [<= Level notice] store

# Rules for /var/log/system.log 
> system.log mode=0640 format=bsd rotate=seq compress file_max=5M all_max=50M
? [= Sender kernel] file system.log
? [<= Level notice] file system.log
? [= Facility auth] [<= Level info] file system.log
? [= Facility authpriv] [<= Level info] file system.log

# Facility gets saved in appfirewall.log
? [= Facility] file appfirewall.log file_max=5M all_max=50M

MacPro:~ user$ 

And there we have it. The blue part above shows why the debug and info level messages are not shown in the ASL.

If you like to change the asl.conf file, be sure to find out how in the man pages, just type "man asl.conf" into a terminal window.

Happy coding...

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