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SwifterLog, a log utility for Swift applications

As you may have guessed from me writing about ASL recently, I have developed a small logging framework called SwifterLog.

We have made this available through Github:

It can be used to log to three destinations:

  • The ASL facility (Apple's System Log)
  • A set of logging files located either in Application Support or a directory of your choice
  • Or simply to STDOUT, which is handy when working in Xcode, the output will directly appear in the Xcode console.

I would recommend to use the ASL for shipping versions only, and keep in mind that the ASL config file filters out DEBUG and INFO level messages.

STDOUT should imo only be used within Xcode.

When writing to logfiles, the size of the logfiles, as well as the maximum number of logfiles is configurable. It will auto delete logfiles that are no longer needed.

Since I use this in my own apps, it will occasionally be updated to reflect my growing logging needs. Of course if you have a special request, just ask...

Happy coding...

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