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Mouse up, mouse down and popup menu's

A quick note today: I found out the hard way that after a popup menu is dismissed by clicking outside of the menu, but inside the associated view, the mouseUp function is called without a preceding call to mouseDown.

My solution is to protect the mouseUp handler with a test for the mouseDown position. If the mouseDown position is 'nil', then the mouseUp will simply exit. The mouseDown position is of course initialised in mouseDown and removed in mouseUp.

Like this:
    var mouseDownPosition: CGPoint?

    override func mouseDown(theEvent: NSEvent) {
        if mouseDownPosition != nil {
            log.atLevelInfo(id: 0, source: "mouseDown", message: "Old mouseDownPosition still available, overwriting now")
        mouseDownPosition = convertPoint(theEvent.locationInWindow, fromView: nil)        

    override func mouseUp(theEvent: NSEvent) {
        if mouseDownPosition == nil {
            log.atLevelDebug(id: 0, source: "mouseUp", message: "Exit, no mouseDownPosition available")
        ... Handle the mouseUp here
        // The mouseDownPosition has been consumed, remove it
        mouseDownPosition = nil

Happy coding...

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