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OSX Receipt validation in Swift, part 5: The Device GUID

During receipt verification there is a point where we need the device GUID, a unique identifier for the Mac.On OS-X this is the MAC address of the primary network card. You can read about this here:
If that link is stale, try searching for "validating receipts locally" that should get you to the necessary article.

In that article there is a code example that shows you how to read the GUID. There is IMO little sense in translating it to Swift, so I suggest that you grab the code from Apple and create an Objective-C header/implementation pair of files as follows:

The Objective-C header file:

//  deviceGuid.h

#ifndef MyGreatApp_deviceGuid_h
#define MyGreatApp_deviceGuid_h

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

CFDataRef copy_mac_address(void);


The Objective-C implementation file:

//  deviceGuid.m

#import "deviceGuid.h"

#import <IOKit/IOKitLib.h>

// Returns a CFData object, containing the computer's GUID.
CFDataRef copy_mac_address(void)
    kern_return_t             kernResult;
    mach_port_t               master_port;
    CFMutableDictionaryRef    matchingDict;
    io_iterator_t             iterator;
    io_object_t               service;
    CFDataRef                 macAddress = nil;
    kernResult = IOMasterPort(MACH_PORT_NULL, &master_port);
    if (kernResult != KERN_SUCCESS) {
        // printf("IOMasterPort returned %d\n", kernResult);
        return nil;
    matchingDict = IOBSDNameMatching(master_port, 0, "en0");
    if (!matchingDict) {
        // printf("IOBSDNameMatching returned empty dictionary\n");
        return nil;
    kernResult = IOServiceGetMatchingServices(master_port, matchingDict, &iterator);
    if (kernResult != KERN_SUCCESS) {
        // printf("IOServiceGetMatchingServices returned %d\n", kernResult);
        return nil;
    while((service = IOIteratorNext(iterator)) != 0) {
        io_object_t parentService;
        kernResult = IORegistryEntryGetParentEntry(service, kIOServicePlane,
        if (kernResult == KERN_SUCCESS) {
            if (macAddress) CFRelease(macAddress);
            macAddress = (CFDataRef) IORegistryEntryCreateCFProperty(parentService,
                                                                     CFSTR("IOMACAddress"), kCFAllocatorDefault, 0);
        } /* else {
            printf("IORegistryEntryGetParentEntry returned %d\n", kernResult);
    return macAddress;


As you can see, I removed the printing parts as I don't want that.

Since the Foundation headers are needed, the above code must be placed in Objective-C files and not as C files. If C files are used, the compiler will complain about "Could not build module Foundation".

The above operation returns either 'nil' or a pointer to the appropriate CFData object. In Swift this can be used as follows:

let guidDataOrNil = copy_mac_address()
if guidDataOrNil == nil {
    println("Could not retrieve the device GUID")
let guidData: NSData = guidDataOrNil.takeRetainedValue()

log.atLevelDebug(id: 0, source: "Main", message: "Device GUID retrieved OK")

Note the "takeRetainedValue". In Xcode the editor shows that the function returns the type "Unmanaged<CFData>" (in accordance with the Apple approach that an object returned by a "Create" API has a retain count of 0). The CFData is toll-free bridged to a NSData, but we need to retain the object so that ARC can delete it when it is no longer needed.

Next up, part 6: Example Swift code for receipt validation & verification

Happy Coding...

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