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Final, Private and optimization

I just saw the WWDC video "Optimizing Swift Performance".

A very useful video for all software developers (that use Swift).

As a software engineer I create software solutions. In order to do that to my best ability, I have taken a liking to "Software Engineering" as a discipline. I.e. how to write good software. Using information hiding, decoupling etc, all these kind of things. Given this background I think I can be forgiven that I assumed that the "Final" and "Private" were in fact tools to help the software engineer.

Hmm, I could not have been more wrong.

After looking at the video, I think you will agree: "Final" and "Private" are meant to allow the compiler to optimize.

Sure they have some meaning for the engineer as well, but all in all? no they are optimizer switches!

Btw: I used "Final" on a class that is the basis of my recent app and that will not be subclassed. The speed improvement was substantial!

There is more in the video, but I for me will use "final" and "private" wherever I can...

Happy coding....

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